Merchandising for members & fans has always been an issue for clubs. They want to show their togetherness and enthusiasm by wearing, using or owning items that bear the logo / crest of their heart's affair.

Of course, we implement fan items such as scarves, caps and flags. Our products inspire big and small fans. We supply cardholders for your members' ID cards and also lots of ideas for gifts, toys and much more with which you can inspire your fans.

Our unique selling proposition of creating sustainable and individual products is also taken into account in the merchandising division, so that YOU stand out from the crowd.


Merchandising for the entertainment industry

Merchandising in the film and entertainment industry is nothing new.

There have always been products based on a series or movie for fans to buy.

Merchandise items give fans the feeling of being part of the movie or series and being closer to their idols.

Taking Lego as an example, anyone can see at first glance that fans like to invest in things related to their favorite series.

At Baron and Son we produce fan items, toys, clothing and much more tailored to their project.

Quality and sustainability are two big components in our products.   

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Merchandising for musicians & artists

Few things are as exciting as becoming known as an artist.

Writing songs, composing songs and finally first performances are milestones for every creative. Most of the time, the fan community is larger and more present than one might think. It is exactly their support that every artist needs.

Fans want to show that they care about a singer / band. Band shirts are as old as the famous Tongue or The Doors, and hardly any fan item is loved as much as clothes featuring artists.

We advise and develop merchandising lines & fan articles with you, which can also be implemented in small editions for the followers of a band or a singer as a cult figure. Our prices are sensationally good at this point, because we have made it our mission to pave the way for young artists.

Talk to us, whether you come from the music, art or graffiti scene. We realize with you any kind of merchandising, everything you have in mind and also the things we bring you yet.

Please request our presentations on the following topics:

Advertising material

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