Press gifts for the fashion industry

The topic of "press gifts" is very sensitive, because every company needs good press. At the same time, it's hard to give press representatives gifts, because editors and department heads are constantly surrounded by news. They have their finger on the pulse and are always up to date. After all, it is their job to inform about trends.

"What do you give to those who already have everything?"

No other giveaway raises this question more than press gifts. It is important to inspire people who already know everything about the industry. They get a lot of gifts and are usually the first to see what's new. Therefore, press gifts must be something very special. For this to succeed, perfect analysis and precise planning are required.

We have also created a checklist for this area, with it we know quickly:

  • where special hurdles lie
  • which pulse you can trigger
  • what's hot in the industry right now
  • and much more.

In addition, we are also well informed in this sensitive area. Thanks to good networking, we usually know exactly,

  • who
  • to whom
  • when
  • what

has given. With this knowledge, clear images emerge. We not only provide product-related advice, but also have an eye on what you will use to set yourself apart.

Last but not least - even the hurdle "small quantities" does not scare us, we take in the vast majority of cases. We can even realize the smallest quantities for you in the area of press gifts.

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